Non-electric Bidets

EcoSplash is a non-electric shower bathroom spray solution if you want to use a bidet or a backwash device directly on your actual toilet. Improve your bath and personal care to the next step, just add the EcoSplash-douche bidet adapter to your current toilet. The WC Sprayer attachment is powered by water only. Systems are available for both single and double hot and cold water connections. The temperature can be changed by the side panel button. The selected nozzles would be expanded by turning the switch and the water jet would flow under controlled pressure. Retractable nozzle system for both bidet and rear washing, hides under a protective cover when not in use. The additional function allows the nozzle to be self-cleaned and processed with water after use. Quick do-it-your-self installation under the existing toilet seat. The kit with the most important pieces is included in the assembly kit. Well fitted to most new toilet bowls. Extremely improve personal hygiene with shower water and eliminate the need for toilet paper. If you want to compare various SplashLet-Japanese style toilet models, check this page. On this webpage, you may learn more about smart toilets and non-electric sprayer features. If you want to compare various EcoSplash models, you may find a function comparison here. Visit our blog for additional information on the latest bathroom, health, and lifestyle subjects. If you are looking for a good price, you will find everything you need here.